We create food that makes you smile, with sauces that make your senses tingle in a passionate pursuit to share and show our love for food.

Whether it’s a birthday, an office event, a social gathering, or just a casual get together you can enjoy our fresh, natural, healthy food. So get ready to Eat Healthy Eat Grilled and Deg In with our mouthwatering deals in the catering menu.

Delivery can be arranged on request

Our natural and flavory sauces are unbeatable in taste. Prepared from an exquisite mix of genuine raw herbs and spices which add sizzle to your meal and make healthy oh so fun. These tangy, spicy and lemony flavors will have you dipping away.

Our choice of Garlic or Lemon & Herb sauces are just what you need to take your meal up a notch.
The Mild Peri Peri Sauce, the perfect balance between flavory and savory.
Hot Peri Peri, adds just the right amount of spice to your chicken.
If you like your food chili-fired our Extra Hot Peri Peri is definitely the sauce of your dreams.

At Deg’s, we aim on transforming the fast food game. It's still going to be fast but we will be serving you “Real” food. This is where health and taste come along, tastefully enriching your food experience, keeping it fresh and exciting. Everything we prepare meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality, our food is proof of how much we care. Whatever you are craving, we got it covered with our tender, juicy and flame grilled chicken complemented by our wide variety of sides. So gear up and Get ready to Deg in!

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DEG’s Chicken
S226. Liberty Center, 7100 Foundry Row,
Liberty Township, OH 45069
Tel: (513) 829 DEGS(3347)

We always love hearing from our customers, so drop in your feedback and help us serve you better!

  • DEG’s Chicken, S226. Liberty Center, 7100 Foundry Row, Liberty Township, OH 45069

  • (513) 829 DEGS(3347)

  • info@degs.com

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